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Illustrated Brewing


I've been brewing my own beer for quite a while now - since 1980. I've gotten serious about it (some might say obsessive...) since 1996.

Before that time, I simply made a very good brew - just a couple of recipes - but didn't really understand the process all that well. I boiled malt extract with water, sometimes added additional hops and flavoring grains, but it was more like opening a box of Hamburger Helper than creating a meal from scratch.

The following images, tips, techniques and links are the natural result of trying to get better at this craft of Homebrewing. This is how I do it, but it is hardly the only way to brew beer. Far from it.

Learn what you can from my experience, click the links for other tips and techniques, then set your own path. It's really the only way you'll fully enjoy this great hobby.




Core Equipment
  • Grain Mill
  • Mash/Lauter Tun
  • Hot Liquor Tank
  • Brew Kettle
  • Hi-Temp Pump
  • Water Wand
  • Immersion Chiller


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