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New Rant: Race and Religion. Wouldn't we be better served by discussion, than by automatically labeling someone a racist or Godless Heathen?
New Section: Illustrated Brewing. I've put together a number of pages with equipment, gadgets, techniques and list on how I do my brewing. Since I'm a little slow, I've included a ton of pictures to show you how I do it.... brew that is....
New Section: Blogs. Short for Web Logs, this is the sometimes daily rants of whatever is running through my brain at the moment. Sometimes deep. Sometimes hip-deep. You decide.
Diversions: Deep Fried Prime Rib - Yep, you read that right. Deep Fried Prime Rib. If you've ever tried a deep fried turkey, you know how quick, easy and tasty they can be. Same goes for that great slab of beef
Illustrated Brewing: Beer Labels and Recipes. Here are a few of my recipes and the labels that go with each brew.

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Rants & Ruminations

Will probably be the most fun, and the most opinionated. Guest opinions are encouraged. Current events, politics, world markets..... you get the drift. Sometime it'll be funny, sometimes pissed off, but always interesting.


Never heard of a Blog? It's short for WebLog. Similar to Rants & Ruminations, but on a more consistent basis. Where R&R will be a little more well thought out, Blog will be more of a shoot-from-the-hip, take-no-prisoners kinda page.

Illustrated Brewing

I brew my own beer. A lot. Some say too much.... This is a collection of my equipment, techniques, lists and personal bias' when it comes to homebrewing.


What do you folks do for fun? Sports? Hobbies? Let's see what Schwed's around the world do for kicks.


Where are all of the Schwedhelm's in the world? What are their families like? Had a recent birth? A recent death? Let's hear about it.


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